One week, one pattern, four skirts…. Pattern Emporium Heartlight Knit Skirt

There is nothing quite like a deadline, and having made a commitment to deliver beautiful photos to a designer to motivate you to find time to squeeze some not sew selfish sewing into an otherwise busy schedule!  That’s how I came to have these four fabulous skirts (and a quick trip to the shops for some new skirt hangers!) in my wardrobe in the space of a week which was also already full of work, family and life!

The Heartlight Knit Skirt Pattern from Aussie designer Pattern Emporium is a simple but beautifully designed skirt for knit fabrics, which you can make 4 different lengths – mini, knee length, midi (mid calf) and maxi, with 3 different options for height/length on the midi and maxi.  There are many knit skirt patterns out there, but I’ve never made another that has a lovely swish at the bottom quite like this one in the longer lengths – and you can see from my photos just how much i love swishing in these skirts. I’ve worn one of these nearly every day since I made them.

This is a perfect pattern if you want to get started with sewing for yourself, or if you want to be able to squeeze in a little something for yourself when you don’t have much time.  Taping the pattern together for the maxi length is the most time consuming part – once that’s done, you can make yourself a skirt in under an hour – under half an hour if your fabric is nice and easy to work with.  If you’ve never sewn with knits before, all the more reason to buy this pattern – there is a fabulous guide to different kinds of knits, and how to work with them, which will really help you get over that initial hesitation of where to start.

So, with my pattern taped up, and a great excuse to go fabric shopping and play dress ups, here’s what I did in one week, with one pattern – four completely different looks.

After I’d made a mini in some less than lovely fabric to get my fit right (I know it’s a pain, and we always say it but don’t always do it – it really is worth doing a test run before you cut into your good fabric!), the first skirt I made is this midi length in ponte de roma.  Ponte is both heavy and drapey, and works beautifully for this skirt – I think this one is my favourite, and I’ve been wearing it for both work and casual, with different tops.

Next I decided to try the maxi length, using a slippery, drapey brushed polyester/spandex with a bit of a 70’s colour scheme and boho feel.  I used a cotton/lycra in a cream colour for the waistband here (although you can’t see it), which has better recovery and tummy-holding-in properties than the poly spandex!  You can see how much fun i has swishing in this one…

Then I decided to get really adventurous and cut into some seriously good fabric… this is an incredible piece of stretch velvet knit which I found at a local store which makes costumes for ballroom dancing.  I hesitated… it wasn’t cheap… but it was so worth it.  Even in a heavier weight fabric, the swish on this skirt is beautiful.  This would be perfect for an elegant evening out (now I just need a place to wear it!).

And finally, I couldn’t resist a bit of a cheeky mini to go with these new boots.  This one is cotton lycra, and lots of fun!

You can buy the pattern from Pattern Emporium here – and I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!

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